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Dean is the proud co-founder of Team Pastry Australia. His experience with TAFE NSW as a teacher and trainer has provided him with invaluable skills in managing, coaching, judging, and competing in teams.


To bring Team Pasty Australia to international competition, Dean recruited pasty team members for the Asian Pastry Cup and World Cup.

This massive task included:

  • Planning and design of show pieces

  • Budget development

  • Provision of all equipment, moulds and ingredients

  • Marketing for sponsorship funds

  • Planning of training calendar, kitchen design and timed trials

  • Logistical planning to get 500kg of equipment to and from France

Competitions - Industry pastry, chocolate and gelato

  • Mentor Chocolate Trainer – Team Pastry Australia 2017-2019
    Coupe du Monde Patisserie, Lyon,  France 2019.
    Awarded best chocolate show piece

  • Team member Chocolate Trainer - Australian Gelato Team,
    Gelato World Cup, Italy 2017

  • Artistic Bread Competitor - Team Bakery Australia, Asian Bakery Cup, Jakarta 2015

  • Team Manager – Team Pastry Australia - Asian Pastry Cup, Singapore 2014

  • Team Coach - Team Pastry Australia - Coupe du Monde Patisserie,
    Lyon, France 2013

  • Judge - World Chocolate Masters, Paris, France 2012 

  • Team Coach - TPA Winner of Asian Pastry Cup, Singapore 2012

  • Team Captain & Competitor - Asian Pastry Cup, Singapore 2010

  • Tasting Judge - International Pastry Grand Prix, Tokyo 2009

  • Competitor - World Artisan Baking Cup Sigep, Italy 2009

  • Competitor - Australian World Chocolate Masters, Sydney 2005

  • Competitor - Coupe du Monde Patisserie, Lyon, France 1999

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